Pre-school Classes: Parents' Testimonials

"They used to love going to the "Letter Lady" as they called Jackie, and because she keeps the class sizes small and the sessions are held in a lovely colourful room in her own home, the environment is not at all daunting for little ones.

The fun way Jackie teaches really keeps the children's attention, and at the end of each session my two used to love presenting me with the craft they'd created. The five-minute handover at the end of each session was really useful for parents to find out what had been taught that day.

From the moment my boys started school, because they were so confident with their letters, they flew with their reading - and they haven't stopped since!

I think Phonics for Four Year-Olds is one of the best things you can give your child, and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone."

Yvonne Walsh (Camberley, Surrey)

"FANTASTIC! So happy with this course. Expensive but worth every penny.
The teachers and the content are superb."

Lizzy Buss (Horsell, Woking) 

"A wonderful and fantastic experience for James, he cannot wait until Thursday arrives - he loves the crafts, activities and the opportunity to play. James thinks the world of Janet and Jackie, coming home 'sharing their words of wisdom' - thank you - James is showing a great interest in books - particularly words, trying them out and asking what they mean, and this is all before he starts school. The 'ABC' party at the end of the course was the icing on the cake, dressing up and completing the Letters and Sounds book. Thank you for such an experience."

Julie Laidlaw (Pirbright, Surrey)


"I think this program has been excellent for my four year old. I just wish I'd found out
about it sooner so my two elder children could have been through it too. It's been Daniel's highlight of the week. he's loved learning the sounds, and all the craft activities.
Jackie and her team are excellent with the children, making the course really good fun,
providing encouragement and support and the perfect mix with control and discipline too.

My son knows all his sounds now, and understands blending, which will give him
the confidence he needs when he starts school. It's been a lovely introduction to
more formal learning for him and again a positive start to learning as he starts school."

a Guildford parent 

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"I can highly recommend this class. My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time here.
He never says he doesn't want to come, and is full of enthusiasm. It is a totally
different approach to nursery, and in the short time he is at Phonics he learns far more!!
I have no worries about him starting school inSept 2012"

a Camberley parent

Excellent course. I am amazed how Isla blends the sounds and can read words
she has never seen before. It has opened up a whole new world for her
and she loves reading! Thank you."

Rachel Annetts (Fleet, Hampshire)


"Alex has learned so much at Phonics. It has also really helped with his speech.
He loves going and really enjoys making things he can take home."

Louise Rosam (Lightwater, Surrey)

"I think that the Phonics Classes are absolutely fantastic for pre-school aged children, and
offer a good introduction to phonics. I am so pleased I found the classes! Jackie and her
team are fantastic, approachable and obviously highly skilled in what they deliver.

The reason for enrolling my daughter on these courses is to build her confidence and
gently introduce her to phonics, as she starts school in September and will be one
of the younger children in Reception. I have no doubt that she will certainly
feel more confident andcomfortable as a result when it comes to phonics
at school, and I will feel moreconfident in helping her with this."

Diana Chan (Knaphill, Woking) 

"Max has loved coming to the phonics class. I am delighted with the progress he has made, and surprised at how well he remembers all the letters taught - your method really works!"

Cheryl Mulloolly (Hook Heath, Woking)

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"Another excellent course - you have maintained the standard set 3 years ago for my
eldest child. Amelia loves her 'Letters Classes' and recognises all the letters of
the alphabet. She is not far off starting to read, and this 'head start' at school
gives me greatpeace of mind that she will settle well and happily.

Thank you, ladies, for all your hard work. No more children from me (!) but I will recommend you to everyone I meet who has pre-schoolers. Your job is done with us 'Bells'!!"

Jenny Bell (Frimley, Surrey)


"So glad someone recommended this to me! Rachel absolutely loves it and I am amazed at her confidence now with writing, and her enthusiasm for having a go at reading. Thank you!

Helen Howarth (St. Johns, Woking)

"Class teachers and Jackie are amazing. Staff enthusiasm has stayed the same
for all 3 of my boys that have attended. It is Tom's highlight of the week
- always asking 'Is it phonics today?"

Micayla Barron (Woking, Surrey)


"Toby loves going to his phonics class and is eager to show us what he has learnt.
In addition to recognising letters and words, his writing/mark-making has also
come on in leaps and bounds - he now holds a pen/pencil properly and has much
more control when writing or drawing as a result.

We have really appreciated the helpful feedback - the teachers clearly observe the
children closely and really get to know them. I just hope that Toby enjoys school
(when he starts in September) as much as he has enjoyed his phonics class!"

Suli Hampson (Pirbright, Surrey)

"The boys have thoroughly enjoyed the course. they have both become so confident
with their writing!"
Katy Henry, mum of twin boys, Rory and George (Woking, Surrey)

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I think you have the perfect balance between play and learning!
Such a creative way of learning! Elliot loves Phonics!"

Libby Straver (West End, Woking)


"Jack has really enjoyed phonics and found the activities great fun. he has gained
confidence and regularly points out letters he knows when we are out and
about. He is also getting very good at 'I Spy'!"

Natalie Seddon (West End, Woking)


"I find it hard to think of anything you could improve upon! My son has learnt to read
basic words and develop pencil control with little other help at home, due to youger siblings.
If he had more help at home in addition to attending Phonics for Four Year-Olds, I think he would be almost reading and writing before he goes to school!

I can only sing the praises of the course co-ordinator and teacher. I would recommend
this course above any other I have enrolled my children in."

Victoria Ayres, mother of three (Normandy, Guildford)


"Sana'a thoroughly enjoys her Phonics sessions, they are 'lots of fun'.
She looks forward to them all week!"

a Woking parent

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"Both children have enjoyed and benefited from Phonics Classes. Both are complete bookworms and I am sure this comes from an understanding of many words early on, as a result of Phonics for Four Year-Olds"

Sharon Pontin (St. Johns, Woking) 


"Mae has really enjoyed phonics classes, even being the only girl! She has learned how to
hold pens well, which has helped her to form letters and draw beautiful pictures. She now recognises most letters and is really interested in writing and learning to read.
Most importantly of all her confidence in writing and learning has really increased!
Thank you for your lovely, well organised and inventive classes!

Hannah Jolly


"My daughter's favourite 75 minutes of the week! Jackie has given a fantastic head start to Lizzy's education, with her thoughtful and exciting activities, which make learning fun.
Lizzy has also learnt valuable skills, which will help prepare her for school, such as
listening to others, taking her turn and sitting still!

 I cannot recommend Phonics4 highly enough. Jackie delivers an
outstanding standard of teaching and the children really enjoy it."

Sally Gilby (Woking, Surrey)

"The Phonics Course has been fantastic. It has given Luke not only an understanding of the letters of the alphabet, but a real interest in words and reading. His pencil control has
come on in leaps and bounds.

The teachers are brilliant: Margot and Jackie obviously love children and understand that not all learn the same way. The activities they do make for a really fun and interactive lesson"

Mandy Warren (Windsor, Berkshire)

"I would recommend it to anyone and everyone -
I never dreamt Sam would be reading basic words whilst still only 3!"

Tracey Bodoano (Horsell, Woking)

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"I have nothing but praise to offer the Phonics for Four Year-Olds team. Hannah has learnt
so much since she started on the course, and best of all she has loved every minute of it. Definitely worth investing in this course for your child."

Jess Burnett (Bisley, Surrey)


"Nathan's speech has improved dramatically since starting Phonics classes.
The week he learnt 'f' he finally said 'fish' instead of 'bish'! Result!

Looking forward to the Digraph Course - we might get 'th' sounds!"

Jo Barber (Woking, Surrey)


"Cathra loves the phonics classes - I think it's the best money I've spent
on a pre-school activity, and I'd recommend it to any other parent."

Deborah Clowes (Walton-on-Thames)

"Isla has absolutely loved the course and has made great progress
through the two terms. I have never seen a child unhappy to go to Phonics,
and there are certainly plenty of smiles when we go to pick them up.

The activities are imaginative and interesting but still have wonderful educational value
and even though the children are young, they are all engaged, learning and enjoying themselves. As a parent, it is always good to know what they have learned
and how well they are progressing, so the end of session 'talk-through' is great.

Of all the activities my children have taken part in, Phonics with Jackie and her team
represents the best value for money and the best value educationally.
Thank you so much for everything you have done!"

Eloise Bruce (parent and infant teacher, West End, Woking)

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"I decided to send Max to Phonics4 because he was having some speech and language difficulties. Attending the course has proved to be a very positive experience for him. His speech and language have improved enormously and he loves attending the classes.

The friendly staff and welcoming environment seem perfect for learning. The lessons seem to be very well organised and calm, and the pictures, worksheets and models
that my son comes home with are of exceptional quality.

Max has certainly learned a lot and enjoyed his time with you.
Thank you for providing this lovely course."

Ella (Addlestone, Surrey)

"Grace thoroughly enjoys coming to Phonics and it is helping her considerably
with her shyness"

Catherine Daly (Bisley, Surrey)

"Leo is my third child to go to Jackie's Phonics Class. All three have enjoyed the classes immensly and couldn't wait to come! I will be signing up baby number 4 in a few years!
Thanks so much, Jackie and Margot"

Sara Devey (Sandhurst, Berkshire)

"What can I say! Your phonics classes give the best start a child can have in their education ... I am a single mum on the lowest income, yet your classes take priority with my girls. FAB!"

Caroline (Camberley, Surrey)

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"Suhani, my four year-old, really enjoyed the classes and has made immense progress
in reading words using phonics. Still in the nursery, she is a good
8 to 12 months ahead of her class."

Priti Shahare (Knaphill, Woking)

"Thank you for the catch-up packs when we were on holiday, or if Ella was ill.
It meant she kept up to speed and it helped mummy too!"

Clare Richardson (West End, Woking)

"Abigail and her older sister, Beth, have loved the phonics course, and have learnt so much from it. As a teacher and a parent, I know that some children (like my own) want to 'play' at home and it's hard to think up fun ideas all the time for learning situations. Jackie has the
time and imagination, and has come up with fun activities for all the letters of the alphabet,
that introduce, reinforce and consolidate the child's phonic knowledge.
I can't think of any way that I would improve the course - I am really happy with it."

Clare Jones, parent and Primary teacher (West End, Woking)


"Don't be put off by the cost - content excellent value for money!! Love the creative aspects which do ensure that the material is learnt. Very clear and usable outside the lessons. Feedback, relevant to your child, is given every week - keeps me up to date."

Cheryl Burgoyne (Bisley, Woking)

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"Just like to say from the mother of a child with the shortest attention span,
that the activities at Phonics keep him entertained and interested"

Melanie Ponting (Addlestone, Surrey)


"Whilst writing I'd like to say how impressed I've been with the sessions
(the content and the way they are structured), the feedback and information
that you pass back to parents, the way you monitor the children's progress,
the progress Jamie has made and how much he enjoys the classes!!!
Many thanks for all of the above!"

Lisa MacDougall (Pirbright, Surrey) 


"Thank you to Janet and Jackie for supporting Rudy and for reinforcing what the speech therapist is teaching him. Rudy speaks often about Phonics and clearly enjoys the sessions. Thank you"

Sue Livingstone (Woking, Surrey)

"Emily & Katie loved coming to their Phonics classes and always point out your house as we drive past. They both treasure the things they made in a special box. I have noticed that as Emily has moved from teacher to teacher at school, how she progresses in a class really does depend on how well the children bond with the teacher. The warm personalities of both you and your assistant mean that the children take to you easily.
You have a gift which is benefiting many.

Thank-you for the positive input you have given to both my daughters, at the start
of their education, hopefully they will carry it through their schooling with them.

Not only did the classes help the children find the fun in learning, but it really helped guide me in how I could help them. I would not hesitate in recommending your classes
to anyone with pre-school children."

Sarah Bullen (Knaphill, Woking)

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"I was a bit sceptical as to how this class would work and if it would be worth the money,
but Lucy has come on in leaps and bounds, and I sing your praises to all my friends."

Danielle Scott (Camberley, Surrey)

"After just 6 months Harvey knows his alphabet, can write it himself, and reads his own simple bedtime stories. He reads road signs, shop signs and any words he can find
wherever we go. He is able to blend new words easily and is confident to do so.

He doesn't want to go to 'big school' in September,
as he would like to come to his 'ABC school' full-time instead!"

Wendy Watson (Goldsworth Park, Surrey)

"Elliot has really enjoyed coming to phonics class and his progress has been amazing.
The ideas and fun methods that are used are brilliant!"

Amanda Fears (Newell Green, Berkshire)

"My fourth child Matthew is registered to participate in your Phonics course hot on the heels of the success of his three siblings who all thoroughly enjoyed the interactive methods
and letter learning that set them in such good stead for school.

It may be coincidence that all three have developed into avid and capable readers
but it is fair to say that the first assessment of our children in reception appears to be
on their ability to sound out the alphabet. Our children excelled in this area as a result of
Phonics for Four Year-Olds, but perhaps the real gain was the confidence it gave them
in their own ability in their first weeks of school. All three saw Phonics as FUN
and I look forward to coming for the fourth time!"

Allison Lamont (Horsell, Surrey)

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"Really imaginative. Really good resources. Thanks so much."

Sally Quddoos (Pyrford)

"I would just like to say how impressed I have been with all aspects of the course. I had no idea what to expect when I was first recommended, but it is professional, well thought-out and everything is of such a high standard. The ideas are exceptional - hats off - brilliant."

Louise Richardson (Guildford, Surrey)

"Provision of material for sessions missed due to holiday is very helpful - and appreciated."

Naseema Naqvi (Camberley, Surrey)  


"Two of my children have completed all of Jackie's phonics classes and both children have loved them. The classes are creative, educational, but most of all FUN and Jackie is a wonderful teacher.

My son's class teacher remarked, on him starting school, that his knowledge of phonics had given him an important head start. This was a fantastic achievement
given that he struggles with learning.

My daughter loved the creativity of the classes and started school being able to
write and sound not only the individual letters but combinations of them, giving her a
great base to start reading - I am so pleased that I discovered the classes."

Rebecca Rodriguez (Witley)

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"I am pleased to say the phonics classes are a fun approach to learning, and have helped Musa to become more confident. He has really enjoyed making the different craft activities,
and is always excited to bring things home."

Asha Zaka (Camberley, Surrey)

"Both Ben and Josh have thoroughly enjoyed Phonics for Four Year-Olds for different
reasons. Ben needed a focus for his active mind, and as a result of attending the course
started reading very young. He is now in Year 1, having read nearly all of Year 2's books.

Josh, on the other hand, just wanted to show his brother he could read and,
whilst not as keen, has shown great aptitude already.

The course is beautifully tailored to fun learning for the children, and all
I have met with is praise from other parents. So keep up the good work."

Alison Curtis (Guildford, Surrey)

"My eldest son has mild dyslexia and really struggled with reading. However, the phonics course really helped him when he started school - it enabled him to keep pace with the other children, as he had a perfect base to build on. I'm not sure what we would have done without it. Even now he finds it hard to read words, but he uses his phonics to get there.

William loves Phonics. From the beginning he felt happy and secure and walks into the room without a wave goodbye! He loves the interactive learning and the art and craft
approach. He remembers every sound when asked and does the actions.
He always comes home happy and excited."

Lucy Finnegan (Weybridge, Surrey)

"Mia has thoroughly enjoyed this course. The course materials and your teaching team are brilliant, and Mia loves telling and showing her friends and family what she learns and makes. Mia is so confident now and knows her sounds of the alphabet, and can read so many words. Your course provides the perfect building blocks any child needs to
start their pathway to reading! Thank you so much."

Shelley Gandhi (Bisley, Surrey)

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"I like the fact that you have reminded me (or taught me) how to write each letter properly, so that I can reinforce this at home with Boston. The other great thing is that when he mis-pronounces a word, I can say "It's not a 'p', it's a 'f'". This means he knows exactly what I mean and which sound in the word is incorrect. I used to find it harder to explain!"

Diane Meade (Bisley, Surrey)

"I have been so impressed. I didn't expect Remy to grasp phonics so quickly - and he enjoys it! He brings amazing creations home; learning phonics here is backed up with
art and crafts, play and fun. We are truly happy!"

Vanessa Dell (Windlesham, Surrey)

"Like many other children, our son loves listening to stories. From an early age
he was asking us to help him read for himself. We had no idea how to coach a child
reading or how to sound a letter without adding 'uh' on the end.

The great thing about Phonics is the small class sizes and the inevitable excitement our son beams with after each session. The upside of which is that he tells us what he has learnt that day, and so we learn to say the letters correctly as well. We feel more confident in helping Daniel learn to read and so his reading has come on in leaps and bounds!"

Jude Irvine (Guildford, Surrey)

"Rehan absolutely loves attending the Phonics Classes. It has helped him tremendously. The way you teach the sounds is so imaginative and fun .... ideal for his age group really, as their attention span is usually so limited. Great work - I would recommend to anyone."

Safraj Ismail (Brookwood, Surrey)

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"If it is up to Lola, she wants to 'do Jolly Phonics forever' and she will miss you all!
Thank you for getting her so excited about learning her letters and words."

Frida Metcalfe (Woking, Surrey)

 "Ben really enjoys coming to the sessions and looks forward to our 'Phonics Friday' all week. The stimulating and varied activities have resulted in him learning the sounds effortlessly,
and given him a greater awareness of letters and words found in everyday life.
The sessions motivate him greatly to play with and practise the sounds
during the week, and the course is a great preparation for starting school.

You all do a unique and tremendous job which is very effective. Thank you."

Hazel Creasey (Horsell, Surrey)

"We are very happy that we decided to enrol Lakhan on this course. He was already
showing a keen interest in letters and sounds, so we thought we'd encourage him.
Since starting the course Lakhan's progress has left us amazed! He has thoroughly
enjoyed participating in lessons and has implemented his newly found knowledge with enthusiasm. Lakhan has been team reading at bedtime for quite some time now
and we see him 'sounding out' words wherever we go! It's lovely to see his progress.
He has recently started writing little notes on his magnetic writing board.

We would like to thank all the staff for all of their enthusiasm and hard work."

Neelam Barrotte (Bisley, Woking) 

"I honestly don't think you could improve. Pippa went to these classes a year younger
than William did, and I wondered if she'd 'get it', but she loves it, never wants to miss it,
and is always pointing out letters and sounding them out to me. She remembers the actions and is trying so hard with her blending, despite still being 3!

Jackie was so accommodating when we needed to swap 3 classes around
due to school settling sessions, ensuring that we didn't miss one week.

I cannot recommend the classes highly enough. I feel so much more comfortable
about my August baby starting school in September. Thank you to all of you! ."

Emma Collins (St. Johns, Woking)

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"The classes have been exceptional, and my son really looks forward to attending each week. His progress has been phenomenal - I couldn't recommend the course highly enough."

Suzanne Herbert (Woodham, Surrey)

"I think the staff are wonderful, and the activities the children do are very creative and ingenious. Robbie loves attending and really enjoys the stories of the letters.
I am really pleased with the games used to teach and reinforce the sounds."

Micayla Barron (Woking, Surrey)

"Attending Phonics has really helped build Max's confidence, not just in a social environment relating to other children, but also by realising he can hold a pencil and write his name
and remember his letters. Phonics is a fantastic base for pre-schoolers and
I know it will help Max so much when he starts school in September."

Vicky Reid (Camberley, Surrey)

"Jack has made very good progress, especially considering his distractable nature.
I would recommend the course to my friends. Well worth the money. Thank you."

 Michelle Phillpotts (Horsell, Surrey)

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"A very professional pre-school activity. Zac has benefitted enormously and will
start school in September, already reading - this is fantastic, thank you!"

Sarah Rabi (Horsell, Surrey)

"Eesa loves going to 'Margot school', as he calls it -  he loves taking out the 'sounds bag'
and saying them. He was asking the other day what he would do once he knew all the sounds, and I told him that he wouldn't go to 'Margot school' anymore. He was really disappointed
and then he said 'Can Margot teach me the numbers now?' If only, eh?

No two weeks have been the same; even I look forward to seeing how you will teach the next sound. You make it so easy for the children to remember the sounds; I wish I had discovered you four years ago for my older son. You are doing a brilliant job. Thank you."

Abida Ajmal (Woking, Surrey)

"Dhiren's really enjoyed his lessons and gets more and more confident by the week!
Fantastic staff. Thank you!!"

Bhakti Ramabhai (Goldsworth Park, Surrey)

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"The classes are fun and exciting - Ed loves coming and has learnt so much.
I have had most contact with Jackie as a teacher and she is fantastic - engaging well with parents and children, maintaining control of the children and their interest
in an amazingly calm manner - I need some tips!

I would, and have, highly recommend the class."

Jo Bostock  (Pirbright, Surrey)

"I have been very, very pleased with Phonics for Four Year-Olds.
Before Oliver started this class his speech was not very clear. He used to get very frustrated when people didn't understand what he said. He now not only knows all his sounds,
but loves practising his words at home too.

Oliver has loved coming to his Phonics and looked forward every week to his Tuesday Class.
I would recommend this course to anybody. Thank you so much to all the lovely staff."

Nichole Reid (West End, Woking) 


"The best course I've ever taken Alya to. Impressive and ingenious
use of home-made resources to support phonics learning."

Claire Seager  (Pirbright, Surrey)

"A fantastic pre-school course. Worth every penny! The course has given Maisie an
eagerness to learn, whilst having lots of fun. Long may it continue!! Thank you."

Katie McQuade  (Camberley, Surrey)

"I think that the course is excellent and a fantastic lead-in to school.
I have seen improvements (particularly the 'report') since my older daughter did the course"

Kate Lewis (Bisley, Surrey)

"I love your phonics classes. Harriet loves coming to them each week and really looks
forward to them. I love the fact that she is learning and gaining useful skills
for school (especially as she will be old in her year when she starts)
It is tremendous value for money too."

Liz Watts (Weybridge, Surrey)


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