Postal Course Testimonials

"I have ordered the postal phonics packs for two of my children, a boy and a girl, very different children, with different amounts of concentration and willingness to 'learn'; both adored them.

I initially hesitated about the price but it turned out to be money well spent when the children and I gained so much from our creative time together. Jackie is so imaginative! I could not think of such fun ways for a child to remember a sound. The packs are very comprehensive, everything included (a little cake one week! An electrical circuit the next!!) The instructions are very clear, so a parent can easily understand how to emphasise a sound in the right way, or how to construct the craft activity each week.

Doing phonics in this way, at home, can become a very special time each week. My children are now both at school, but are still proud of the things they made from these packs, which are dotted around the house!"

Mrs. J. Mitchell (Hampshire)


"Matti has really enjoyed the digraph course and has always been very keen to do it.
He has really enjoyed the computer games recommended."

Johanna Thompson, parent of Matthew (4), about to start Reception


"Doing the postal high frequency reception words course has been hugely beneficial to Luke.
He started the course a few months into his reception year, and his reading has progressed significantly. Luke is very much an 'active' learner, and learnt so much through the games
and activities.

It has been fantastic for me to be involved in Luke's learning and to understand how to
teach him. As a parent you sometimes feel very distant from what they are learning at
school, but with the postal packs you feel you can really contribute to your child's learning.

Jackie asked for feedback at the end of each week, and created customised extra activities
for words Luke found tricky. All in all an excellent investment and we're planning another
postal course to help with blending practice."

Mandy Warren, parent of Luke (4½), Windsor, Berkshire


"Aidan has loved doing his weekly packs - the highlight of his week!
This has been a good supplement to progress he is naturally making through reading.
He now knows all of the words on the course."

Suzie Turner, Guildford, Surrey


"Jayden really enjoyed the activities. He looked forward every week to opening the envelope. I am pleased at how well he has done. His older brother only knew most of these words about half way through reception. Many thanks, Jackie."

parent of pre-school child, Goldsworth Park


"Anna would often ask:"did we get anymore packs from Jackie?" or
"when can we play Jackie's games?"

Anna benefited greatly from the Jolly Phonics materials and quickly learned the 'tricky words' using games. She enjoyed the hooking ducks game and quickly became familiar
with when, where, why and which - always a little confusing.
She enjoyed Spin a Word Race and no longer was confused by that, then, there and than.

Anna never found any of the materials a chore and looked forward to going through Jackie's packs each week. She was just as happy to play one of Jackie's excellent learning games as she was to play the regular snakes and ladders.
I can honestly say that she enjoyed every minute and benefited hugely."

Maranne Kingsbury and Anna (6) (Woking)


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"Joseph really enjoyed the packs, and receiving them through the post was a bonus! He looked forward to receiving them, and knew that he would always enjoy what was inside!

The packs are very thorough, with clear information. the games were easy to follow
and really well presented. They are set at an ideal level to appeal to children so that
they're happy to play them and learn the words as they play."

Katharine Dodd and Joseph (5) (West End, Woking)


"I am really pleased that I persevered with Rory and swapped to the Postal Phonics,
even though the course at your house didn't suit him.

His writing is just starting to emerge, but the letter sounds and reading of 'word of the week' have progressed very well! Rory has loved opening his brown envelope
each week and we will miss the activities.

Thank you for your advice and best of luck for the future."

Parent of 4 year-old


"Thanks so much Jackie, it has been a godsend. We have made more progress over the summer holidays than at school, and have had so much fun. Your imagination is amazing!"

Sally Quddoos, parent of Zak - just going into Year 1 (Pyrford, Woking)


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"This course has really improved Daniel's confidence in the classroom. 
It has helped me understand phonics too. The course is fantastic."

Mrs Wragg, parent of Daniel (5)


"My daughter eagerly awaited her phonics pack every Friday and loved the games.
This has made phonics fun for both the parent and the child, and I only
wish schools would adopt a similar approach to teaching.

Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Dr. Karina Knights, parent of Claudia (5) (Twickenham, Middlesex)


"Zak's attention span has improved tremendously, as well as his keeness to learn.
He enjoys the games the most. I like the fact that the activities are diverse and original.

The course has also given me a lot of confidence in directing and teaching Zak.
Even though English is my mother tongue, you take for granted the spelling rules, etc."

Rashida Ashby, parent of Zak (6) (Guildford, Surrey)


"I admire your creativity and sourcing of all the craft activities
which make learning so much fun.

Jasmine and I really enjoyed the course. She now knows all the phonics for the alphabet
and is blending simple three letter words. She is so excited when the pack comes
through the post, and eagerly awaits the next one"

Karen Baker, parent of Jasmine (3) (St. Johns, Woking)

Update: "After completing the pre-school course, Jasmine loved it so much we thought
we'd keep going. The Simple Digraph course has been just as much fun."


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"Both my daughters, Tamsin and Alyssa, thoroughly enjoyed the
Phonics for 4 Year-Olds course and learnt a huge amount.

Theo has been very excited about receiving his 'homework' through the post
and greatly enjoyed doing all the activities. he has learnt his letters quickly
and effortlessly, while having lots of fun!! We are still working on blending,
but it has made him enthusiastic and keen to learn!

Thank you. I am always amazed by your imagination!"

Dr. N. Mantel-Cooper, parent of Theo (4) (Woking, Surrey)

Update: "Another fantastic course - Theo has really enjoyed it and had fun learning the digraph sounds. He loves doing all the activities, although sometimes he cannot
concentrate long enough to finish the whole pack - so we split it over 2 days"


"Ben loved doing every pack and really looked forward to the packs arriving each week!
He has progressed really well and the constant revision of Ben's trickier words
means he has mastered all of them! Thanks."

Natalie Greenwell, parent of Ben (4) (Bisley, Woking)


"Lydia has generally been far keener to do the phonics courses than to
look at other 'work' activities. I think the materials are lovely."

Suzanna Woodhouse, parent of Lydia (5) (Pirbright, Surrey)

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"The course has given Katherine a very secure start to using phonics at school.
The resources are excellent and imaginative"

Annette Bamford, parent of Katherine (5). Primary teacher (KS1 team leader)


"Kathryn thoroughly enjoyed the postal course. We have to say a big thank you to you,
as she has gone from not even attempting to read, to reading books with a
couple of lines on each page! In addition she constantly has books in her hand
that she asks to read to me or my husband, and even her big brother, Alex.

Your postal course made letters and blending the sounds fun, by playing all
of thegames. Kathryn's favourite was the letter blending skittles, especially the
pink pompom. The magnetic blending game had her in fits of giggles.
We are using the resources from the postal packs on a regular basis,
and the best part is that Kathryn asks to play the games.

I would truly recommend the Postal Blending Course to encourage any reluctant readers!"

Debbie Gooch, mum of Kathryn, Year 1 (Woking)


"We have enjoyed the word games and it's certainly helped my daughter's reading and recognition. She sees it as a game and not homework. Even getting the parcels
through the door - she thinks is a present for her!"

Julie, parent of Isabel, Year 1 (Chertsey)


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"I am so thankful that I decided to do this course for Joshua. He has made such great progress. It has only taken him 6 weeks to achieve what I have been trying for 12 months.
We both love receiving the post packs and look forward to playing the games together.
We look forward to doing the next course."

Iris Cobb, parent of Joshua (6) (Woking)


"I think the High Frequency Word course is excellent and have really enjoyed it.
It is very flexible, so you don't feel under pressure if you have very little time.
My son is finding reading and writing really hard, but the course at least has
made it enjoyable for him and less frustrating for me."

Lucy Finnegan, parent of Edward, Reception year (Weybridge)


"Just wanted to say thank you very much; Ryan and I have thoroughly enjoyed the postal phonics course. Ryan has been so excited waiting for the postman to bring his post.
I thought the course layout was brilliant; very easy to follow,
fun and educational - couldn't ask for a lot more!

Ryan has done fantastically with the course and on the week 18 assessment recognised
all the letters independently. The whole thing has totally captured his imagination."

Helen Borrett, parent of Ryan (4) (Woking)


"We need to say a big thank you for the special start to reading you have given Mandeep, We really appreciate the time, effort and attention to detail. The packs were easy to follow and Mandeep enjoyed all the activities. She was particularly proud of her crosswords and all the phonic crafts. The sounds are coming together nicely."

Jas Karlcut (Delhi, India), mother of Mandeep (5),


who sent the following message:

"I have finished your phonics packs and I loved doing the treasure hunt with mummy today. Thank you for the love hearts. I have learnt lots and even read the big words today
in the reading machine."


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