Pre-school Classes: Children's Testimonials

When asked "Why do you like going to Phonics Classes?", children replied as follows:


"It's not school, it's not nursery, it's just fun!"

Matthew, aged 4½ 

"Thank you for helping me with learning all my letters.
I loved phonics right through space."

Jacob, aged 4¾




"I love playing the games, it's fun and using the computer is
really grown-up. Margot really makes me laugh. She is
always happy and she has long nails. They are pretty"

Roxanne, aged 4






"Can I go Phonics every day?"

  Shaam, aged 3¾ 







'I like going to Jackie's because it's fun. I so like all the
toys and games. I like the writing and playing."
James, aged 4¼






 "I love my teachers, going on the computer, playing fun games and seeing my friends - I love it"
Rafferty, aged 4½






" I love coming to phonics classes because I learn letters,
I get to play and I get to make loads of stuff"
Daniel, aged 4½




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"Because I like doing the letters"
Max, aged 4½







"Because I like doing the letters and I love
playing with all the things"
Charlie, aged 4 








"I love all the things I make to help me remember my letters,
and I like making new friends with the other boys and girls"
Rachel, aged 4½






 "I like the sounds and playing.
And sometimes we get chocolate!"
Corbin, nearly 4



"I love phonics because it's fun. I play with play dough, then we sit at the table
and make things. I made a bat today - b b b!!"
Elliot, aged 4½ 





"I really love going to see Jackie and Janet to do my phonics
and enjoy the different things we do in class."
Ellie, aged 4




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"Because it is so fun!"
Max, aged 4½








"My teachers are good fun and my favourite thing
is making the letters out of playdough"
Jack, aged 4¾ 








 "I like phonics classes because it's getting me
ready for school. I like going to phonics because
there are lots of toys!"
Matti, aged 3¾







"I do like phonics, I liked the 'i' with the mouse and ink,
and doing the different things"
Joseph, aged 4¼




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Alex, aged 4¾ 






"I love Phonics - it is fun. We play games and make friends.
I love my teachers - they make me laugh"
Charlie, aged 4¼







"I like Phonics because:
really, really nice teachers
really nice toys
lots of making things and games
and also I think I like learning letters."
(Paused for thought ......)
"Think I like everything really!"

Emily, aged 4½

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"I love letters and I love Jackie and Margot!"

Cathra, aged 4

"My Phonics classes are my most favourite thing in the whole world!"."

Aidan, aged 4¼




"I like Phonics because it's fun, the teachers are nice and
I love all the toys and books"

Sophie, aged 4½




"I like playing with all the toys.
I like making playdough when I get to Phonics
I like blending
I like my word bag and letter bag
I like playing with the dolls house and on the computer
I like my teachers
My favourite letter is 'a'
Esther is my best friend
I like the Bottomley Potts story
I like Spot the Difference"

Alya, aged 4

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"I like going to phonics classes because I learn letters."

Lyra, aged 4







"I like learning new letters and making them in playdoh.
Jackie is my favourite teacher in the whole wide world.
I like playing with the toys and my friends.
When my Mummy collects me, I like to show her my work"

Lizzy, aged 4¼






"I like everything, I just love it."

Oliver, aged 4¼






"I like going to Phonics because it's fun and
I've made new friends and we play"

Elliot, aged 4½

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"I like the story for each sound and finding out
what letter we are doing"

Ella, aged 4½






"I like Phonics because it's fun and we get to make things"

William, aged 4








 "I like Phonics because it's very funny, you make stuff, there are lots of toys to play with. I like going in the hall and playing games with people and going on the computer. I also like reading books."

Grace, aged 4¼



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"I went to Phonics when I was 3½ and I loved it. I had lots of fun learning my
letter sounds and making things. I am now 6½ years old. I read and write really
well because of Phonics. My little brother Finn started Phonics last year and said
'Can I go there every day, because I like learning about letters and doing art?'"

Aidan and Finn





" .... because it's fun and I get to play. Jackie and Margot are the best and they are coming to my party!!"

Will, aged 4½







"I love abc school because we learn our letters and we make things. I love making things and eating them. I think Jackie, Margot and Janet are very nice but we don't have Janet anymore.
All my friends would like to go to abc school. I like being able to write 'Floppy is my best friend' by myself."

Harvey, aged 4½



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" .... because I learn letters and I go with Hannah!"

Pia, aged 4¼









"I like going to phonics classes to learn letters and because you have a party on the last day of phonics. You also get to play.
My teachers are lovely"

Henry, aged 4¾






"I like making things about the letters, singing the songs in the hall, making sweetie letters and playing on the computer "

Max, aged 4

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"I like going because I like playing and getting back up to the table and learning my letters
with playdough. The teachers make it easy and it's not boring - it's good."

Amelie, aged 3½


".... because we learn loads of letters."

Abigail, aged 3½





"I love Phonics because I have so much fun and I learn my letter sounds. I like it when we make letters with sweeties!!""

Mia, aged 4½






"I like to play and be Inky Mouse, and I like Jack"

Uzair, aged 4

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"The best thing about Phonics is playing .... and Margot's long nails."

Remy, aged 4




"I like the rhymes and songs that Jackie teaches me"

Charlotte, aged 4







" Nicholas actually says 'yippee' when he knows it's a phonics day!"

Esther, mum of Nicholas, aged 4¼








"I like writing the best .... and Janet"

Sophie, aged 4







"I love coming to letter school as we make things each week which helps me to learn to sound the letters. I am learning by doing fun things. Mummy and Daddy are really pleased with what I've learnt"

Elliott, aged 4½



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"Alfie will often ask, the day after we have been to Phonics,
when he will be going again!"

Kerry, mum of Alfie, aged 4¾ 







"I love all the things that we make. I like going - it's fun "

Maisie, aged 4¼







"I like learning the letters and playing with the toys.
I like doing my letters"

Dhiren, aged 4¾




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"I love making letters with the play-dough
The 'p' cake was very yummy

Luke, aged 4







"I like playing with the toys at the beginning of the session, especially the Playmobil. My favourite part of Phonics is when we
practise writing the letter we are learning that week"

Charlotte, aged 4½






"I like Phonics because it teaches me to write
and the teachers are nice

Kezzie, aged 4¼






"My favourite bit is when we are all at the table gluing and doing stories. Then we wait for the mummies before we go"

Edward, aged 4






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"I like to go to phonics class because it is so much fun"

Angelica, aged 4







"I like doing all the craft activities and Phonics is just fun!"

Ben, aged 4½





 written by
Adam, aged 4





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