Pre-school Phonics Classes: Parents' Testimonials

“I can’t praise this phonics class highly enough. What gets achieved in an hour and 15
mins is amazing. Not only are all the activities highly imaginative, creative and
the children really do learn lots. I am so pleased I found this course for my
school daughter as it really will give her a head start for when she starts

school. Thank you so much, Jackie, Margot and Janet.”

Claire Waters-Duke (Normandy, Guildford)

“In my opinion this course is especially useful for bilingual children. By sending
Tymek to this course I am confident he is learning correct pronunciation
and way of writing. I will also use this course to be able to help him
with phonics at school.”

Izabela Mazurkiewicz (Byfeet, Surrey)

“As Finn is an August born boy I did worry about him starting school, but after attending
the course I feel so much more confident that he is now ready! He is now reading
and sounding out words correctly. He has learnt all of his key words and his
family and pre-school teachers are very impressed. That is all because
of this course and the staff, who make learning so much fun.
Thank you!”

Bonnie Kennedy (Hersham, Surrey) 

“Henry loves coming to ‘crafty classes’. His pre-school teachers have commented to me
how his writing, listening and drawing skills have improved, and that is, in part,
due to the phonics classes, I believe.”

Rachel Dutton (Horsell, Woking)

“Isabella has looked forward to the class every week! Thank you for all the encouragement
you have given her; I have seen her grow in confidence.”

Susanna Clutterbuck (Bagshot, Surrey) 

“Brilliant course!! Ridhi always looks forward to Thursday class. She has gained
confidence to blend words independently. Thank you very much
for your support. Highly Recommend!!”

Nithya Pagonda (Woking, Surrey)  

“Before starting this course Oliver wasn’t interested in learning the different sounds.
Now he loves learning them and has started reading story books with words from
his pre-school. He enjoys each week, and showing me what
fun things he did in class.”

Hannah Denney (Godalming, Surrey)

“I have absolutely loved Harrison attending these classes. I feel it has really helped him
and I’m always amazed how much they do and learn in just over an hour.
Fab! Thank you all X”

Hayley Sutherland (Knaphill, Woking)

“Florrie absolutely LOVES her weekly sessions. Phonics4 has made this really important
stage fun, and set Florrie on the best possible path for starting school.
The packs for weeks missed are also great. I have no negative
feedback whatsoever – thank you!”

A West End parent

"My daughter enjoyed her time at Phonics and in only a few months went from
knowing a handful of letters to the delight of reading her first book. My son,
Jimmy, adores the sessions – every week he cheers when it is Tuesday and
we spend breakfast guessing what the sound will be!”

Rachel Brazendale (West End, Woking)

“I have found this course creative and fun, with a balance of kindness and structure. Really enjoyable listening to Poppy re-enact her time here.”

Kerry Swanson (Brookwood, Woking)

“Saffia thoroughly enjoys her classes and looks forward to them every week.”

Rebecca Lamb (Woking, Surrey)

“The teachers in phonics take great effort in coming up with stories for each week and the activities associated with each alphabet. Feedback given by them is very genuine and
shows their true involvement in the class. My whole family is very pleased with
‘Phonics for Four Year-Olds’ and all the staff. Diya has learnt a lot in the last
6 months and is taking a lot of interest in reading/ blending.
Thank you to all of you.”

Jyoti Venkatesh (Merrow, Guildford)

“Tilly loves Phonics, as did all my boys! Thank you J.”

Sara Mills (Sandhurst, Berkshire)

“Thomas has thoroughly enjoyed learning new sounds. His confidence has grown.
Thomas loves to make up words using his magnetic letters.”

Rebecca Rogers (Horsell, Woking)

“Edward has loved these classes. I have seen a real improvement in his phonological
awareness since starting. He is keen to practise his sounds and always
looks forward to Wednesdays. Thank you.”

Katherine Carroll (Bagshot, Surrey) 

“The course is excellent and Edward has really enjoyed it.”

Louise Snell (Weybridge, Surrey) 

“Great start/ introduction to learning letters and sounds. It is so much fun that both my
children have loved it from the first time they attended.”

Sarah De Vivo (Chobham, Surrey)

“Barnaby loved phonics with Jackie and Margot – the classes were interesting, engaging
and great fun. Barnaby has now associated learning and education as a positive
experience, and he is much better prepared for school as a result.”

Florence Everett (Pirbright, Surrey)

“Thank you so much for the inspired and fun phonics classes. Harry has really enjoyed
learning  all the letters and sounds and is attempting lots of blending. He’s really
proud of everything he makes at your classes, and friends and family
are impressed by the brilliant ideas you have to help the children
remember their phonics.”

Sarah Pugh (Fleet, Hampshire)

“Joshie will be the youngest in her year when she starts school. I chose to do this course
so that she hopefully wouldn’t be totally overwhelmed by what some of the older
children will likely already know. I have been amazed how much she loves the
classes, how much she has learnt and the amount of feedback I get.
Hers and my confidence for September has grown enormously
– thank you.”

Catriona Allan (Guildford, Surrey)

“Izzy’s progress with phonics has been commented on by her teacher. I’m in no doubt
that the classes she has attended accelerated her learning and increased her
confidence. All of the staff are enthusiastic, caring and seem to really
enjoy teaching. I would highly recommend the lessons.”

Parent of a Reception-age child, who was finding reading tricky, and attended our Saturday class (Camberley, Surrey)

 “The phonics classes are brilliant and I highly recommend them.  My son had no interest in letters or learning their sounds. I was told about Phonics for Four Year-Olds and ever
since attending my son became really keen to learn. The activities set out made
him pick up each sound really easily, and after only attending one term
he could begin to read words. I’m so impressed how quickly
he has grasped the sounds and recognised the letters,
and it’s all thanks to these classes and the teachers!
Thank you so much!”

a Woking Parent

“Sofia has absolutely loved her time with you – she will now try to read words
herself and insist on trying to write words too. Can’t recommend you enough!!!

Ellen Kolby (Pyford, Woking)

“I am amazed at Jago’s progress with phonics – the course has sparked an interest which
just wasn’t there before and he is now applying his knowledge to the world around him.
You have been able to inject the fun and patience into teaching, which is so hard for
busy parents to do at home. I really feel that this will have given him the best head
start at school, where he will be one of the youngest in his year. 
Many, many thanks.”

Amanda Cleghorn (Chobham, Surrey)

“My daughter has enjoyed her time at Phonics and in only a few months has gone from
knowing a handful of letters to the delight of reading her first book.”

Rachel Brazendale (West End, Woking)

“I wish I had known about Phonics for my older two children! Rory has loved the classes
and has learnt so much. He is now reading basic books, which I would put down to
the blending skills learnt at Phonics”

Susie Henderson (Bisley, Woking)

“Alex has come on in leaps and bounds since starting phonics. He can recognise most
letters and he can also hold a pencil properly, which he couldn’t do before.
I think it is a good introduction to a school setting but most importantly
– he really loves it!”

JJ Kilduff (Church Crookham, Hampshire)

“Excellent classes. Harry has learnt so much and had fabulous fun
in the process!! Already starting to read!!”

Kim Blondell (St. Johns, Woking)

“Lucas has enjoyed every single week and looks forward to every session. I cannot believe
how much he has learnt in such a fun environment. You truly are experts!"

Karen Borthwick (West End, Woking)

“Everything is fabulous, attention to detail is amazing and the letter stories have really stuck
with Ruby and made it really easy for her to remember the sounds. Thank you x”

Vicky Stead (Chobham, Surrey)

“Absolutely fantastic. it has been such a useful course and I would definitely recommend it!”

Shenila Rawal (Virginia Water,Surrey)

“Sam loves phonics! He frequently asks to go at other times in the week.
He is enjoying being able to join in with reading books. Thank you!”

Tracy Turner (Brookwood, Woking)

“Fantastic course. Kai has gained confidence, his concentration has improved and he is well
set to start school. He really enjoys the class and has learnt a lot”

Fiona Eatwell (St. Johns, Woking)

“Amelia always looks forward to her Wednesday class. She has come on in leaps and
bounds since starting the classes. We’re amazed she is reading simple books and
she has just turned four – money well spent.”

Suraya Risdon (Brookwood, Woking)


“Friday phonics has become part of our lives now and we will miss it when it’s finished!
Thomas has thrived in the classes and now has such a love for letters and words
– I can’t wait to start hearing him read for himself soon”

Susan Sanderson (Horsham, Sussex)

“A great find. Ben has all his work hung on a ribbon across his room and
loves showing friends and family what he has achieved. Thanks."

Katherine Keeble (Pirbright, Surrey)

“Thank you so much for all your brilliant work. Our son truly enjoyed it and the results of
your commitment are really visible. Alex is confidently blending words and
initiating reading.”

Patricia Dada (Weybridge, Surrey)