Postal Course: Simple Digraph

(Course Ref: SD)


What does the course cover?

A digraph is a pair of letters representing a single speech sound. For example, when 's' and 'h' combine, a single 'sh...' sound results (as in 'ship'). The course covers 6 of the most common digraphs. The child learns to recognise and use them to read words, as well as extending early spelling skills. Some sight words, from the Reception year list, are also included in this course.

What type of activities are provided?


Typical Resources for Simple Digraph Postal Course

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A typical pack will contain:

Is my child ready for this course?

The course is suitable immediately before starting school, or during the Reception year. The child should already be familiar with letters, and should know a substantial number of letter sounds. (If not, try Pre-School Postal Phonics Course)

How much does the course cost?

The total cost for the course of 6 packs is £78, inclusive of postage and packing. This is payable in advance.

How to register for this course:

If you would like to register for a postal course, please click here. For advice on which postal course would best suit your child, please contact us either via email or by telephone on 01483 487714.