Postal Course: Pre-school Postal Phonics

(Course Ref: PPP)


What does the course cover?

Children learn to recognise all the letters of the alphabet, and how to use the letter sounds to read and spell, as well as developing visual, listening and memory skills, and becoming familiar with some sight-words.

The facility to report on your child's progress during the course allows some customisation of activities to suit the individual. For example, you would have the opportunity to let us know (usually via email) which of a specific group of letters your child finds it tricky to recognise/remember. We could then produce a fun activity, especially for your child, targeting these specific letters.

What type of activities are provided?


Resources for Pre-school Postal Course

 Photo showing a small selection of typical resources for this course  ©Copyright


A typical pack will contain:

Is my child ready for this course?

The recommended starting age is 3½ to 4 years. The optimum age for a particular child is partly dependent upon the child's ability to maintain concentration for short periods, although each pack comprises many, relatively brief activities, which can be tackled separately if the attention span is limited.

The type of activities provided in the postal packs will usually attract even the most active of children, who gradually become accustomed to focussing for longer periods, and thus benefit from an improvement in concentration.

How much does the course cost?

The total cost of 6 packs (one module) is £78, inclusive of postage and packing. This is payable in advance.

How to register for this course:

If you would like to register for a postal course, please click here. For advice on which postal course would best suit your child, please contact us either via email or by telephone on 01483 487714.