Postal Course: High Frequency Words

(Course Ref: HFWR/HFW1/HFW2)


What does the course cover?

Reception Word Course: The course covers 45 of the 'key words' which children are often expected to learn during their Reception year at school. They come from a list of the one hundred most frequently used words on the printed page which, in fact, account for half of our written language! They are mainly irregular words, which can't easily be worked out phonetically. It is beneficial for children to learn them as 'whole words'. Recognition of these words, particularly if coupled with a sound knowledge of phonics, will lead to success in early reading. This in turn will lead to confidence and an enjoyment of the reading process which is so crucial in the early stages.

Year 1 to 2 Word Course: Each course targets a proportion of the words often learnt during school years 1 to 2. These come from the published list of common words in written language. Most of the useful words from this list are covered by a series of two six-week courses. (i.e. 12 different games)

The High Frequency Word courses aim, by means of a series of fun, attractive games, to give the child confidence with the target set of words and to help commit them to the long term memory. These games gradually build into a compendium, which will provide enjoyable repetition to further enhance learning.

What type of activities are provided?

A typical pack will contain:

Click here to see a photo of the type of games to be included in these packs.


Is my child ready for this course?

How much does the course cost?

The fee per pack is £14, inclusive of postage and packing. The total cost for the course of 6 packs is therefore £84. This includes a zip folder in which to store the collection of games. The fee is payable prior to the start of the postal course.

How to register for this course:

If you would like to register for a postal course, please click here. For advice on which postal course would best suit your child, please contact us either via email or by telephone on 01483 487714.