Postal Courses

Our Postal Courses are designed to provide parents with the knowledge and the resources to improve their child's reading and/or spelling in a way which is systematic and great fun. The child receives a pack of activities through the post each week. There are comprehensive parental instructions, which give step-by-step guidance on helping the child to gain the most from the activities. There is a helpline available for parents to ask questions about the courses, and (for certain courses) the facility to report specific individual difficulties so that they can be targeted in subsequent postal packs. The courses can improve parental knowledge of the learning process, allowing help and support to be given more easily in the future.

A time commitment of about 45 minutes to 1 hour per week is required. There are several course options, each of which targets a different aspect or stage of the reading process. Most courses last for 6 weeks. This type of one-to-one support is invaluable, both for children who are finding it difficult to make progress in a large class situation, and for those who are capable of progressing faster than the school curriculum allows.

Please see the testimonials section for specific feedback received from parents who have completed postal courses with their children.

The following is a list of postal courses available, with a brief description of each. Please use the links to access detailed information about each course:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child doesn't co-operate when I try to give help with school work, or when I suggest extra activities together. How can I be sure that he/she will be willing to participate in this course with me?

A. This is very different from school work, and your child will not view it in the same way. The activities provided are designed to be enormous fun and very attractive to your child - enjoyed by even the most reluctant learners. The result is an eager anticipation to receive each pack, which will hopefully counteract the common parent/child 'non-co-operation' factor. Most children enjoy the concept of regular, one-to-one 'special' time with an adult if they are doing a fun activity. (See our Postal Course testimonials)


Q. My child finds concentrating difficult. Will this be a problem when trying to complete the activities for this course?

A. Not at all - the courses consist of many short, sharp activities, which are very attractive and usually succeed in maintaining the focus of children with the lowest of attention spans. The way each pack is organised lends itself to completing a little each day if preferred, rather than all in one sitting.


Q. I'm concerned that I have very little knowledge of phonics myself, and might not be able to explain it very well to my child. How much experience do I need to have?

A. The instructions are very thorough and straightforward. They assume no previous knowledge, taking the parent right from basics. You can learn with your child, refreshing your own knowledge of phonics and spelling rules as you go along. If you have any queries at all (however basic they may seem), a helpline is provided - just 'phone or email your questions.


Q. Are there any materials that I'll need to provide during the course?

A. All specific game and craft items are provided, but you will need a pencil, some crayons/felt-tips, a glue stick and the occasional staple, piece of sticky tape, or other common household item.


Q. Can the postal courses be started at any time?

A. Yes. Allow about 10 days (sometimes a lot less) from us receiving your order form and payment to your child receiving their first pack Some parents like to take on a course during the long summer break to maintain progress in reading, and to help the child to be better prepared for the step up into the next school year. In this case it would be helpful, although not essential, to send your order about a week before the end of the summer term.


Q. How do I register for a course?

If you would like to register for a postal course, please click here. For advice on which postal course would best suit your child, please contact us either via email or by telephone on 01483 487714.