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This year Phonics for Four Year-Olds has successfully introduced a new phonics class, for younger children from age 2.5 years: 'phonics4fun!'

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An entertaining, interactive class, where parents accompany their children, helping to teach correct pronunciation and develop a love of letters and sounds from an early age.

Class Format

Each phonics4fun! session is divided into 4 key activities: 

                              Tasting Station                        Craft Station

                 p4fun Tasting Station p4fun! Craft Station               

                         Games Station                                        Toy Station

   p4fun Games station p4fun Toy Station

Following the introduction of the letter to be learned, children are split off, with their parent, to the different tables and rotated round the stations.  There is a further 10 minute group time at the end, with a relevant story and song to round off the session.

For a feel of what the children get up to within our phonics4fun! sessions, click on the youtube clips which follow:

Catching Cats in Cans

Letter 'c' at the Craft Station

Aims of the class


 Day:  Tuesday Wednesday     Venue
 Time:  9.45-10.30am


 Bisley Parish Pavilion,
 Bisley Rec.


The cost of phonics4fun! classes is £8 per 45 minute session. This will be payable half-termly in advance. 

*Current offers*
      1. 10 sessions for the price of 9 when you pay for a term in advance
      2. Class fee discounted to £6.75 per session when children attend both phonics4fun! and Phonics for Four Year-Olds concurrently
      3. Sibling discount available


If you are interested in booking a place for your child, please contact Jackie Smith on 01483 487714 or email:

 p4fun picturesp4fun pictures