Alphabet Party Photo Gallery

Musical Letter Statues:

Alphabet Party photo



"The music's stopped - make your body into an 'l' shape - pretty easy peasy!"


Alphabet Party photo





"Tricky making a 't' shape though! Make sure you do that flick at the bottom!"



Alphabet Party photo



"Making your body look like an 'x' letter takes a bit more thinking about, but lots of success here!"





Alphabet Pass the Parcel:

Alphabet Pass the parcel


"I found a letter in the parcel!"



Alphabet Pass the parcel





"I'd really prefer to hold onto it until the music stops!"





"It's in here somewhere!"


Alphabet Pass the parcel







"Has he got the prize?"




Buzzy Bee's Word Balloon Game:

Alphabet party bees



      "Great blending."

Alphabet party bees






      "A couple of our Buzzy Bees!"    

Alphabet Party Food!

Party food

        "Letter lunch anyone?"                            "Which letter starts your name?"


So who did we have coming for our Alphabet Lunch?

Lots of tennis players; 't(uh), t(uh), t(uh)' when the ball hits the tennis racquet.

Alphabet party tennis

Some beautiful Spanish ladies; 'ck(uh), ck(uh), ck(uk)' with those castanets.

Alphabet party spanish

Some very buzzy bees: 'zzzzz...'

Party beez

Some scary x skeletons 'ksss.., ksss...'

Party skeletons

And a couple of squeaky mice 'i,i,i', some growly puppies, 'rrrrr' plus a very mature looking plumber, 'g(uh), g(uh), g(uh)'!

Party mix

Group Photos

Shouting "Alphabet" or "Parteeee!":

 Group photo


'Your best smile....':

Group photos 1 

Making them giggle:

Group photo