Classes in Action

Classes in action

To give you an example of how we run our classes and how they will benefit your child, we have recorded a few sections of real classes in action:

"Arriving at the Phonics Class"

This shows us welcoming the children into our homely atmosphere, and encouraging them to be independent in readiness for school

"Introducing the letter of the week"

The initial introduction of a new sound needs to be fun and memorable, with the aim of helping children to immediately associate the visual appearance of the letter (grapheme) with the sound it makes in words (phoneme). This is the most important part of our lesson. The clip show the introduction of the letter 'r'. We aim to completely engage the children, usually by making them laugh, so we are often very 'silly', as you will see!

"Reinforcing letter shapes and sounds, and learning letter formation"

A collection of clips showing examples of how we have fun reinforcing the letter shapes and sounds during our sessions.

Part 1 - 'letter n'

Part 2 - 'letter b'

"Revision of previous letters learned"

This film shows a small group of children playing our 'Spin-a-Letter Race' game. Fun repetition is used to reinforce letters learned in previous weeks, helping to establish the letter/sound correspondences in the long-term memory.

"Learning to spell"

These children are in the second term of the Pre-School Phonics Course. Having already learned the technique of blending (reading) words, the film shows them practising the auditory skills required to spell simple words.